November 18th, 2014

Observations on Islamic state of Iran’s second UN review

 In this session of the Council, 102 countries commented on the report provided by Iran’s representative on the regime’s human rights record and overall human rights situations under the Islamic state.



November 18th, 2014

ISIS claims Baghdad bomb attack on U.N. convoy

 The name given for the suicide attacker suggests he was an Iraqi from the insurgent stronghold of Fallujah, which lies around 40 kilometers (25 miles) west of Baghdad.



October 29th, 2014

Kurdish Peshmarga forces pass through Turkey to rescue besieged Kobane

 Arbil (Iraq) (AFP) – Heavily armed Kurdish peshmerga fighters were on their way to joining militias defending the Syrian



September 26th, 2014

Document - Iran: Joint open letter to Iranian president Rouhani

Now, as the government considers the scope of the Charter of Citizens’ Rights, in advance of it becoming draft legislation, we urge your government to carefully assess the suggestions made by a



September 23rd, 2014

karim Abdian speech on self-determination at New World Summit in Brussels


Arabs in Iran are about 10% of the population; Ahwazis constitute an indigenous, ethnic, national and linguistic minority in Iran. A population of 6-8 million.



August 9th, 2014

Statement: PDKI is fulfilling its national duty by defending Iraqi Kurdistan

 Once the PDKI leadership issued a statement, calling on its members to mobilize, thousands of our members inside Iranian Kurdistan, Iraqi Kurdistan and Europe are ready to join the Peshmerga



August 1st, 2014

An Ahwazi Activist Arrested On The First Day Of Fetr Eve


Asad Salehi was previously arrested for 6 months on the charges of “cultural activities” but was exonerated by the revolutionary court .



July 30th, 2014

United against NIAC

 Here are bare facts using NIAC’s own internal documents obtained during a defamation lawsuit filed by NIAC against Hassan Dai a prominent journalist, human rights activist and Iran expert in 2009:



June 15th, 2014

The Execution of Ali Aljebeshat and Khalid Al- Moussawi

The detainees, Khalid al-Musawi and Ali Aljebeshat, were transferred from prison to an unknown location since May 22 last year. They had been arrested in 2012 by the Iranian intelligence service falsely accused of bombing the oil pipes in the Shush.



June 14th, 2014

Dams: Iran’s Weapons of Marsh Destruction

 Around half the Karoun’s water flow is now waste water as upstream fresh water has been funnelled to neighbouring states.

 dan-brat-and-british-goverment-2013-400-x-266.jpgby:Daneil Brett