December 30th, 2007

Larijani: Iran ready for nuclear technology co-op with Egypt

Visiting Iran’s former chief nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani said here on Sunday that his country has the willingness to cooperate with Egypt in the field of nuclear technology, Egypt’s official MENA news agency reported. read more… »

December 29th, 2007

Iraq to discuss border agreement with Iran

Iraq will send a delegation to neighboring Iran in the coming days to seek slight changes to the agreement that defines the two countries’ borders, Iraq’s deputy foreign minister Labeed Abbawi said on Saturday. read more… »

December 29th, 2007

Moscow denies deal to sell anti-air, anti-missile S-300 to Iran, sends second shipment of nuclear fuel to Bushehr

Iranian defense minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar announced Wednesday, Dec. 26 that he and a visiting Russian delegation had just signed a contract for the supply of another Russian anti-air weapon, the highly sophisticated S-300, rated the most effective killer of ballistic missiles on the market. read more… »

December 29th, 2007

Pentagon: Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal is under control and secure

In a statement on the turmoil following the assassination of opposition leader Benazir Bhutto, the Pentagon spokesman Col. Gary Keck said on Friday, Dec. 28: “Our assessment is that the Pakistani nuclear arsenal is under control, At this time, we have no need for concern.” read more… »

December 29th, 2007

Khamenei warns of ‘enemy plots’ ahead of Iran vote

Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Saturday urged Iranians to be alert against enemy plots ahead of legislative elections next March, in statements broadcast on state television. read more… »

December 27th, 2007

Benazir Bhutto killed in attack

Pakistani former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto has been killed in a presumed suicide attack. News of her death was confirmed by a military spokesman and members of her Pakistan People’s Party (PPP). read more… »

December 27th, 2007

Russia will supply new anti-aircraft missiles for Iran

Russia is to supply Iran with a new and lethal anti-aircraft system capable of shooting down American or Israeli fighter jets in the event of any strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities. read more… »

December 26th, 2007

Official: A dozen Iranians die daily from drug addiction

About a dozen people die every day in Iran from drug addiction, the equivalent of one death every two hours, an official said earlier this week. read more… »

December 26th, 2007

Why UK has been shamed by Iranian fiasco

The Government’s announcement that it does not accept a British appeal court ruling about the People’s Mojahedin Organisation of Iran is shameful. read more… »

December 26th, 2007

Afghan rebels using Iranian arms: Canadian defence minister

Canadian Defence Minister Peter MacKay identified Iran as the origin of weapons used by rebels against the international coalition in Afghanistan. read more… »