Iran Not To Allow Un Human Rights Special Rapporteur To Travel To Iran: Lawmaker

Iran will not allow the UN human rights special rapporteur to travel to the country over human rights issues, the official IRNA news agency reported on Sunday.


 The deputy chief of Iranian Parliament’s Human Rights Committee, Mohammad-Karim Abedi, told IRNA that in the meeting session of the committee on Sunday it was emphasized that the UN Human Rights special rapporteur not to be allowed into the country.

On Friday, the United Nations Human Rights Council chose former Maldivian Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Ahmed Shaheed as its human rights investigator on Iran.

The council established the independent post of special rapporteur on human rights in Iran on March 24 to evaluate Iran’s human rights record.

“The United States, the UK and the Zionist regime (of Israel) are the greatest violators of the human rights in the world,” said Abedi, adding that “the United Nations Human Rights Council should investigate into the violation of human rights in those countries instead of Iran.”

The violation of the human rights allegations against Iran are aimed at political objectives, said the Iranian lawmaker who is also a member of the Parliament’s Foreign Policy and National Security Commission. 

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