Extradition of 16 Baloch to Iran

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Ref: Extradition of 16 Baloch to Iran

Date: 5 September 2007

Sixteen young Baluch men whose relatives have been shot dead or hanged by the  Iranian regime made a desperate attempt to take 20 men hostage in Baluchistan on 19th August 07 to deter the Iranian regime from arbitrary hanging and killing of the Baluch people.   The hostage takers transferred their hostages into Pakistan but  they were captured by Pakistan police and consequently, all the hostages were released safely.

These Baluch people were not trained terrorists as they were easily captured and arrested.  They were not part of an organization and they were not skilled in what they did and that was the reason they were arrested very quickly. There were only motivated by the daily hanging of Baluch people in the public.  They wanted to do something to force the Iranian regime to stop the carnage of innocent Baluch people.

After their arrest by Pakistan police, the Iranian government exerted enormous pressure on Pakistan to extradite them to Iran.  As you are aware, the Iranian government has been executing and hanging a lot of people in public in recent months.  If these young Baluch people are extradited to Iran, there is no way that they can receive a fair trial.  As the previous precedents show they would be summarily tried and executed.

Although we accept that these young people have committed a crime by taking innocent people as hostage, but they are entitled to a fair trial and their human rights and if they are returned to Iran their lives will be in danger.

We, Baluch People’s Front, as a civil organization, request you to put pressure on Pakistani government to refuse to extradite them to Iran.  The Pakistan government may be tempted to exchange them with some convicted criminals in Iran.

The negotiation between Iran and Pakistan is under way for the extradition of these people and urgent action is required to stop Pakistan from handing them over to Iranian authorities.

Baluch People’s Front

Reza Hossein Borr

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